About Us

Four generations of farming


John Butler and family are third and fourth generation fruit growers in Omak, WA. Like many farmers, the eight cents of a consumer dollar he received through traditional channels was not enough to keep his farm viable.

John's vision is to connect more directly with the people who eat fruit. Delivering it to your door is his way of doing that while keeping the family farm tradition alive.

At American Produce Express and the Butler Family Farm, we believe it is our responsibility to be caretakers of the land and protect our environment for future generations. It gives us great satisfaction to know we provide food that is fresh, nutritious and wholesome. To those ends, we engage in the best practices and sound farming techniques.

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Teach your class about agriculture!


Use this activity in the classroom with a real apple to illustrate how American Farmers produce enough food for our country and much of the world on a small part of the earth.

This activity also explains why so many people don't understand where their food comes from. At one time almost everyone lived on a farm, now most people live in a town or city.