Farm Fresh

Why Buy Direct?

Why buy direct from American Produce Express?

American Produce Express is a Smart Choice!

A Good Value: American pre-sliced apples are cost effective. When you consider the cost of raw product (you lose 25% when cored), treatment, wages and benefits for staff to slice, treat, dispose of waste, and clean up... well, you get the picture, and American fruit comes in single-serve packets making portion control easy.

Quality, Freshness and Safety: All Products are WAXF Grade unless otherwise requested, and meet all state inspection requirements.

Service: Fruit is delivered all the way to your cooler and stock is rotated for you to keep products fresh.

Farm Fresh

We offer superior quality at competitive prices and friendly, personal service that is not often found with national chains. Buying direct from the farm allows you to eliminate the middleman and the hassles that go along with it. Your support also helps to insure the survival of American family farms. You will be glad you did. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

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