40 Pound boxes in sizes 125 -163 40 pound boxes in sizes 90-135
Gala Fuji Bartlet D'anjou
Braeburn Granny Smith Bosc
Red Delicious

Other Specialty Products Just Ask Us
Other Produce available upon request. Available upon request.
Oranges seasonal 113-138 Sizes Nectarines D'anjou
Pluots seasonal Pluots And More...



 Fresh-Cut Products 

Apple Slices/Orange Slices & 
Veggie Blends (Call for Details) 

2 oz and 4 oz (individual bags with or without caramel) Exclusive Environmentally Friendly Box *
12 lb. (4-3 lb, bags) Keep Fruit Fresh
30 lb. (10-3 lb. bags) Completely Recyclable
Collapse & Store Easily
Gala, Cameo, Golden, Granny, Pink Lady Pasteboard & Standard Boxes (available upon request)
* because every day is "Earth Day to a farmer