"I've been purchasing all my fresh fruits from American Produce for over 10 years and have yet to be disappointed in quality, variety or service.  They are very willing to please, accommodate and make the customer happy; and no matter what the weather they always deliver. 

Linda Hebdon
FSD Royal School Dist.

"The Spokane Public Schools has had the privilege to partner with American Produce for over 5 years.  The quality of the local produce that we receive and the commitment to service has been excellent.   The entire American Produce team understands what it takes to provide the freshest local produce to their customers.  Our students and staff love the fresh fruits and vegetables and our USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program offerings have grown significantly because of the willingness to provide new creative produce combinations for our customers."

Douglas R. Wordell, RD
Nutrition Services Director
Spokane Public Schools

"American Produce has made a huge impact on our students. The sliced apples they offer have made the difference between our kids taking two bites from a whole apple, and throwing it away, to them taking six slices and being able to eat them all. It is important for us to find products that our students like and between the seasonal pluots and year-long sliced apples, American Produce has done it! Thank you to all of the farmers who grow produce for our students, and especially to John for his continued efforts on behalf of them. He is making a daily impact on the lives and health of our students."

Karen Brown
Sumner School District